Introducing the MediZip


The MediZip is an atraumatic wound closure method which was conceived by Prof. Dr. Kaeßmann. Suture channels and staple perforations can be dispensed with when the MediZip is used in surgical procedures.

On each side of the wound a medical zipper will be applied. A plaster, specially produced for this function, is the connection between the skin and the zipper. By closing the zipper the sides of the wound are merged together to ensure a perfect healing process.

Advantages of the MediZip

  • Reduction in the length of operations and time spent under anaesthesia. No manual assistance or special instruments required.

  • Significantly reduced risk of infection due to the elimination of retrograde infection routes e.g. suture channels.

  • No mechanical irritation in the wound opening.

  • Painless removal of the MediZip from the skin wound after 7 – 11 days, without the necessity for special instruments.

  • Short learning phase for new users - implementation possible by surgical support staff

  • The MediZip can also be used for the closure of curved wounds

  • As this is a disposable product, the time required for the cleaning and re-sterilisation of the customary instruments is dispensed with.

Target Group

The surgical wound zip, MediZip, is produced and sterile-packed in two different standard lengths:

  • Medium = 12 cm
  • Large = 24 cm

These standard lengths can be adapted to any size, on request, in order to meet individual requirements. The MediZip can also be trimmed to the required size by the attending physician. Because of the easy appliance even laymen can use the zipper.

One of the main target groups, at present, is (accident) surgery and outpatient wound treatment (general practitioners, accident specialists and accident insurance consultants). The MediZip is also suitable as a rapid, minimally invasive wound closure procedure in disaster areas, for relief organisations, the armed forces, the German technical relief organisation THW etc.